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Welcome to Certified Independent Sailmakers

CIS is a global network of independently owned retail sailmakers who have committed to the CIS Quality Standard, Code of Conduct and providing their clients with the best service possible.

CIS Member lofts have access to a worldwide network of technology and resources previously unavailable to independent lofts, thereby ensuring that the customer receives the backing of a global structure through their local loft. Whether cruising or racing, our customers can be assured of a quality sail, fit for purpose.

We are a family of sailmaking families, committed to each other and the endurance of the sailmaking profession within our local sailing communities.

More about us

Craig Millar, Founder


Our Products

CIS product lines are named simply and logically to ensure that the customer always receives a sail that is fit for purpose, avoiding the often bewildering list of product codes intended to impress the clients.


Why join CIS?

Just being part of a global network will elevate your business profile, but we have all needed help at some time and not known who to turn to....... Maybe a design or tuning for a one design class? Maybe pricing programs or a spinnaker colouring tool? Have you perhaps considered combining orders with other lofts in your region to reduce shipping or gain volume discounts? Perhaps you have a product that other independent lofts would like to buy from you? 

Who can join CIS?

A sail loft that both manufactures and repairs sails. This loft may in addition outsource some of its manufacturing.
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An experienced sailor who does not have a loft or showroom, however sells sails manufactured by a CIS member and conforms to the CIS standard and product range.
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A sailing related retail business with a showroom, open to the general public, that will act as an agency for CIS.
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A sail repair loft that does not manufacture their own sails but offers sail repairs and outsources its sail manufacturing.
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