Did you know that there are over 600 independently owned sail lofts in the world and that they make up the greatest segment of the world market?

Imagine the skills and resources contained within this market segment? Imagine the combined purchasing power, imagine the global footprint of all of these lofts?

But…… who wants to belong to a group right?

We all know that groups will try to give you 5 benefits for being a licensee:






Well sometimes you have to call BS when you hear it; If this was true, the vast majority of lofts would not still be independently owned. Your customers trust YOU and buy from YOU, not your label!

Any increase in turnover will be offset against the payment of royalties, which come straight off your bottom line. Low cost manufacturing is available to any loft nowadays and if you look carefully, you will find a manufacturing partner that will build the way you like it. Sail design is available too if you need it, no need to pay royalties. Marketing never materializes and ultimately if your turnover increases, so will your royalty payments.

On top of this, you probably own your own loft because you like the independence of being your own boss and not having one that you need to pay royalties to. Being your own boss does have challenges though and being an independent loft owner myself, this is where the concept for Certified Independent Sailmakers was born.

Why should we have to lose our business identity to be part of a global association of sail lofts. We can still interact, coordinate marketing, product and inventory supply. We can still have representation around the globe and provide service centres around the world for our customers, should they need them. We don’t have to pay royalties and yet can become a member of the largest sailmaking network in the world.

We all know that there are definitely when we would appreciate having in the same business as us and willing to help each other and unless you have experienced the brotherhood that develops between lofts in a group, you may not fully appreciate this yet. We may consider ourselves competitors with other sailmakers, however in truth, we each have our own customer base and would benefit from friendship with other lofts, rather than animosity or competitiveness. This I have experienced first-hand and can tell you that I have made friends for life and expanded the global boundaries of my business.

In truth, we neither need to be stifled in a group or alone in a crowd. We can be part of a global network of friends who make and sell sails and at the same time, make the best of the opportunity. Certified Independent Sailmakers can open all of those doors for you at no cost to you or your company. Sign up and lets explore the opportunities.