Code of Conduct

Our Business
  • We commit to running our business ethically and with due consideration to the laws of the country in which we operate and the environment.
  • As an Independent in the sail making industry, we recognise the responsibility that we carry in representing the sail making industry to the Customer.
  • We commit to being fully accountable for the way our Customers are treated, the products that we sell to them and for addressing any issues to the absolute satisfaction of the Customer.
Our Customers
  • We recognise the relationship of trust that we build with our Customers and that relationship will have a long life if we continue to value that trust.
  • We recognise that our Customers place their trust in us and as such we must always act with integrity.
  • We recognise that our Customers invest their hard-earned money in our industry and we will therefore always treat them with the respect that they deserve.
  • We commit to always ascertaining from our Customers the end use of the product that they require, thereby ensuring that it is fit for purpose.
  • We commit to never attempting to sell our Customers a higher priced product than they require, simply to increase our profit.
Our Fellow CIS Members
  • We commit to ethical and fair competition with other Members of Certified Independent Sailmakers (Pty) Ltd and to creating an environment of fellowship, mutual respect and co-operation, to the mutual benefit of our fellow Members.
  • We commit to never speaking ill of our fellow Members to our Customers. If we have an opinion on the work of our fellow Members, we will raise it with them directly or with the Conduct and Ethics Committee of Certified Independent Sailmakers.

Empowering the World’s Independent Sailmakers