Vision, Mission & Values


In a global business climate that is dominated by huge corporations, Certified Independent Sailmakers aims to empower the world’s smaller independent retail sailmakers, that are invested in their local communities, by creating a community of sailmakers that becomes the largest sailmaking entity in the world within five years.

Our model enables Members to retain their own trusted brand and their independence, whist benefiting from access to skills, technology, resources, an accepted global standard and the credibility of belonging to a global organisation, without the payment of royalties.

Through the implementation and application of a Code of Conduct that ensures ethical and sustainable business practices and integrity, Certified Independent Sailmakers will become the trusted and sustainable future for the sailmaking community.


Certified Independent Sailmakers makes a global contribution by supporting smaller independent retail sailmaking businesses on which its owners and their families rely for their wellbeing and who must compete with the corporate giants of the industry.

We make this possible through our committment to our global family of independent retail sailmakers, facilitating the combining of skills, expertise, experience and resources of successful independent sailmakers from around the world, into a powerful global competitor. 

Customers of CIS members are assured of doing business with a company that is backed by a global sailmaking community, that produce sails to the CIS standards and quality requirement and are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices.


Sailing is an ancient activity that represents so much that is good for the planet and its inhabitants due to its connection to nature and its low impact on the environment. Sailmaking in turn is an ancient and noble profession that supports this activity.

Whilst there have been advances in sailmaking in the last few thousand years it is still much the same when compared with other industries that have become obsolete or are unrecognizable due to advancing technology.  Sailors today enjoy talking about their boats to the sailmaker as much as they did a thousand years ago and the need for this human interaction is enshrined in the process of buying a sail, despite the advent of online communication.

Reliable honest advice from a sailmaker invested in their local sailing community is still the real currency of buying a sail and the need to protect the local sailmaker and this process is evident, as is the right for everyone to participate in the world’s economies through small businesses.

We are committed to finding ways to empower entrepreneurs in the sailing industry through creating a support structure for their businesses and combining strengths and resourses to their collective advantage. Our philosophy is to conduct business with honesty and integrity, recognizing that good business benefits all parties.