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Have you ever needed help in your sailmaking business and not known who to turn to? Maybe a design or tuning for a one design class? Maybe pricing programs or a spinnaker colouring tool? Have you perhaps considered combining orders with other lofts in your region to reduce shipping costs or gain volume discounts? Perhaps you have a product that other independent lofts would like to buy from you? 

Independent Sailmakers represent approximately 50% of the world’s sailmakers, making it the single biggest market segment in the sailmaking world. CIS is an online resource providing access to hundreds of other independent Sailmakers around the world.  Whether it is design, materials, hardware manufacturing advice, just a friendly chat with others in the same situation as you, or the ability to do joint marketing projects, combine fabric or hardware orders, or provide the backup of a global network of sailmakers to your client, CIS members are there to back you up.  Join the CIS family today.

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